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We have the capacity to handle large commercial painting projects

It is paramount to provide your employees with habitable office spaces for them to be productive. Dull walls and chipped paint can make offices a no-go zone area. We are the right commercial painting company to meet your office, retail store, warehouse, or high-rise apartment painting needs. Our work speaks for itself. We have garnered years of experience doing residential and commercial painting in Edmonton.

Commercial properties tend to have thousands of square feet of space. You need the right partner who can handle both small and large projects. The Edmonton painting crew has the expertise to handle any project thrown their way. For any large project, we ensure there is a foreman to respond to any queries. The foreman will supervise our Edmonton painters and ensure that they work within stipulated timelines and clean up after work.

Colors that blend with your company themes

Color selection is paramount if you are going to meet your commercial painting goals. Our commercial painting contractors will take you through a selection of multiple color schemes that are aimed at complementing your company themes and logos. We will then give you an estimate of the project cost.

Actual work will begin with site preparation. Here we will move items we do not want exposed to paint. During commercial painting, we will apply several paint coats to ensure that your walls are protected for years. Our painters use high-quality paints from top painting brands in Edmonton. The paints are eco-friendly and do not cause harm to users.

We also use some of the latest painting tools that ensure superior painting results. Our company has been offering interior and exterior painting services in Edmonton for many years. We have a large list of satisfied clientele and you can be a part of our success journey today.

We deliver what we promise

Our company uses high-volume sprays for large surface areas. This ensures even paint application with superior results. Commercial building painting requires a company with the right crew. Due to the scope of work, it is necessary to have many painters to complete the project on time. We have carefully vetted our painters to ensure that they understand the client needs. Our painters are certified and licensed with local authorities to carry out large commercial painting projects.

Windows are not there just for aesthetic appeal, they are vital for bringing in natural light. Our painters also offer commercial window painting. We will give your windows a good clean before giving the frames a fresh coat of paint. We will also work on your doors and wooden rails to give them a good polish. After all is done, we will let you inspect the project and will not send you an invoice until you are 100% satisfied with our work.

A painting company you can trust

It is hard nowadays to find royal friends. Good painters are even harder to find. If you are tired of constant disappointment from your painters it is time you jumped ship. We offer the best commercial painting services in Edmonton. Our painters have the ladders to reach very high surfaces like windows and ceilings. Commercial painting is not a simple DIY that can be done by one person. You need to call the experts while you focus on being the best at your job.

Our philosophy is professionalism, excellence, and reliability. We do not just paint homes but work hard to establish lasting partnerships with our clients. Our pride is exceeding our client expectations. We do this by outsourcing the best painting materials in the market. Our painting services extend to your exterior through fence painting, deck painting, and drywall repair services in Edmonton.

Stucco is one of the most durable materials for your walls. It gives your walls an aesthetic appeal that attracts clients to your business. However, stucco is subject to moisture and this gives it a pale look. We have the expertise to handle all your stucco painting needs. We will help you in selecting colors that blend in with the landscape. Whether you are into earthy tones or prefer bright colors, we are here to meet your needs.

100% customer satisfaction

We have been offering residential and commercial painting services in Edmonton for many years. We are a partner you can trust to meet all your painting needs. We conform to all safety painting regulations and we ensure that any paint used does not have harmful compounds.

When we embark on a painting project, we tell our clients to prepare themselves for the work ahead. This means informing your employees and clients to be on the watch out for wet paint. We use high tech painting tools and this means the project is done with speed and with little interruption to our client lives. We cover your desks, chairs, floors and any other surface that we do not want to get into contact with the paint. We will allow you to inspect the project and ensure it is within your specifications.

When it comes to pricing there several factors that come into play like type of paint used, square feet of the painting surface, drywall repair services, or special polishing specifications. We have worked with a wide range of budgets. This ensures that we deliver what we promise. You will not find any hidden charges in our quotes. Our supervisors will take you through a cost estimate to establish a budget that is within your means.

Time to re-invent dull office spaces

Colorfully painted walls pass the message to clients that you are a company that cares. While you focus on making a profit, we will meet all your painting needs. We have the right painting crew to finish commercial projects within laid down specifications and timelines. Whether you have a high-rise apartment, large office spaces or want to redecorate your warehouse we are here for you. We have dependable, courteous, and neat painters ready to meet your needs.

We believe communication is key to the successful completion of a project. Give us a call today for the best commercial painting rates.

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