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There is never a perfect time to spend your time outdoors like summer. You can invite your neighbors over for barbecues as you reminisce on the good old days. Alternatively, you can take in the sunshine on your front porch as you enjoy your favorite glass of lemonade. But, faded stucco walls and worn-out fences can leave your backyard an eyesore. When this happens, you need to contact the Edmonton painting crew to re-invent your exterior.

Our experience with interior and exterior painting services in Edmonton spans many years. We have put smiles on many homeowners’ faces by providing high-quality painting services that are eco-friendly. We do not just paint but work at establishing long-term relationships with our customers.

We take the time to carefully vet our exterior house painting contractors to ensure they understand the scope of work required in many residential homes. Our Edmonton Painters are professional, courteous, and neat. They will work round the clock to ensure projects are completed ahead of schedule. Part of our exterior painting portfolio includes fence painting, stucco painting, deck painting, and drywall repair services in Edmonton.

We take great care of your plants

We understand how much you love your kitchen garden. When doing exterior home painting we will carefully cover your plants, concrete, grass, bushes, and flowerbeds to ensure they are not exposed to unnecessary paint.

Once we are done with the project we will call you for inspection. This is the time when you can review our work and offer suggestions. We will not invoice you until you are 100% satisfied with the project.

Our exterior painting contractors take the time to clean up after any residential painting projects in Edmonton. We will restore any items we had previously moved back to its original position.

We focus on building relationships with customers

Our commitments to professionalism, excellence, and reliability have made us one of the most preferred exterior painting companies in Edmonton. We take the time to listen to our customers’ needs. Each is treated as unique and special. Whether you are thinking of painting your exterior brick or have a commercial painting job in Edmonton, we have what it takes to deliver high-quality painting services.

Our company will be with you from the time you give us a call to the time the project is finished. Our supervisors will be on the ground to ensure everything goes as planned. For many people, painting is a simple DIY task, but a lot goes into painting. We have a wide range of colors to complement your landscape and personality. Our painters outsource paints from some of the top paint brands in the country. In addition, we have the requisite tools to complete any commercial exterior painting projects to perfection.

Why your exterior structures need a fresh coat of paint

Unlike your interior, your exterior structures are exposed to a lot of moisture and direct sunlight. This leaves your fence rotting and susceptible to termites and rodents. During residential exterior painting, we will give your wooden structures a fresh coat of paint. We use water-resistant paints that will protect them during the rainy seasons. We also treat your fences to protect them from termites. Paint also has a positive effect on the wood grain.

Stucco is an extremely attractive material for your exterior walls. The range of colors you can use on it are numerous. You can have earthly tones or bright colors that complement your exterior garden. However, stucco develops a pale color when exposed to moisture. To keep your stucco protected, our building exterior painting contractors will re-paint it for you.

We focus on value

Many residential homeowners are apprehensive about re-painting their houses due to the negative experiences they had with shoddy painters. Price is what you pay us value is what you get. We have seasoned painters who have successfully managed large residential and commercial projects. They work to ensure the project is completed ahead of time so that you can go back to your normal routines.

Amateur painters leave your walls with lumps and uneven color tones. This forces you to redo the painting. In the long-term, you spend more than you expected. We are here to help you cut on costs. This means we deliver what we promise. Our rates are one of the most affordable in Edmonton. If you are tired of constant disappointment from your painters, it is time to call the best exterior painting services providers in Edmonton.

Results you can trust

Purchasing a house is one of the largest investments that people make. You need to maintain your house for it to command higher appraisal values. Your exterior plays a key role in this. By revamping your fences, garage walls, and stucco you increase the aesthetic appeal of your house. This has a positive effect on the appraisal value. You will also notice more neighbors dropping by for a cup of tea!

Having a posh backyard has many benefits. It passes a message to your neighbors that you take your home very seriously. It also offers you additional space to host birthday parties for your kids. Our painters are committed to offering more value than you pay for. We understand that extreme heat and cold will cause cracks to your paints. That is why we only use the very best paints in the market.

We take our time in surface preparation. Any visible cracks are filled so that you have even painted walls. Our painters are extremely careful to avoid paint spillage. We do not want to give your plants an artificial color or destroy your hard work in growing them.

It is recommended that you give you re-paint your walls after every 3 to 5 years. This keeps the walls protected from moisture and molds. It also extends the lifespan of your walls. Our experience with stucco has seen us transforming dull exterior walls with breathtaking colors.

Are you tired of the same exterior colors? This is the time to contact any of our exterior painters for a free color consultation. We promise not to disappoint you!

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