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Nothing brings joy to homeowners as sharing in laughter outdoors during summer. You can enjoy the cool breeze as you sip your favorite cup of coffee while watching the sunset from your backyard. Most decks are made from wood and this adds to their aesthetic appeal. But, wood is susceptible to rot and termite infestation. We are one of the top deck painting companies in Edmonton.

Painting your deck is not a simple DIY. A lot goes into paint selection and you require the right tools to complete the project to perfection. The Edmonton painting crew has years of experience doing fence painting, stucco painting, and drywall repair services in Edmonton.  We will make your outdoor deck your favorite place in the house.

We take great care of your wood

Well-painted decks, patios, front porch, and exterior walls improve the aesthetic appeal of your backyard. You can then go ahead to invite neighbors for birthday parties or backyard barbecues. However, wood becomes dull when exposed to moisture. It also loses its strength due to pests and termite infestation. Our Edmonton Painters are available to restore your wood grain.

We carefully take you through the various steps to painting a deck and give you an affordable cost estimate that is within your budget. Our painters will take great care of your garden plants to ensure they are not exposed to paint or stepped on. We have the right deck painting tools to ensure the project is completed ahead of schedule.

We have the right tools to get the job done

We use various methods of deck cleaning and painting like rolling, brushing and spraying. When you contact us for any residential or commercial painting services in Edmonton, we will first give your decks a good high spray wash. This removes dirt and debris while preparing the surface for sanding.

Sanding ensures that we have a smooth surface for painting a deck. Our painters will then use high-quality paints to restore your wood to its original color. Painting an old deck ensures it is protected from weather elements and termites. It also offers an appealing outdoor space for hosting your guests.

Deck painting is not all about aesthetic appeal; it helps in highlighting the wood grain and preventing rot. We have a wide range of deck colors to choose from. Whether you are looking for a subtle look or interested in bold colors we have all that you need for your interior and exterior painting projects in Edmonton.

Our deck painting cost is designed to meet the budgets of many homeowners. Our painters will identify the right stain color to complement your backyard. We will not leave until you are satisfied with the results. Our company stands for excellence. This means we will keep you updated of any developments during the painting process. Here we do not have any hidden charges. You get value for money.

Treating your wood is the first step towards extending the lifespan of your decks. The next step is giving it a fresh coat of paint. Give us a call today for a free estimate.


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