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A fence offers you a level of privacy. It helps protect your backyard from prying eyes. It will also keep away the neighbors’ dog from popping and destroying your beautiful backyard flowers! However, as it is exposed to constant downpour it begins to rot while termites’ infestation reduces its size.

The Edmonton painting crew is at hand to restore your fence to its original color. We will treat and repair your fence before giving it a fresh coat of paint. Our expertise extends to deck painting, stucco painting, and drywall repair services around Edmonton.

We take care of the environment

When we embark on painting your fence, we take great care to cover your plants and staircases. This ensures that no area gets exposed to paint that we do not want. Our fence painting costs are the most affordable in Edmonton. We take great care for site preparation. Our Edmonton painters ensure that projects are completed within stipulated timelines.

Our expertise in fence painting extends to painting an old fence to painting metal fence panels. We use high-quality paints that are eco-friendly.  Once we are done with a project we take great measures to clean up. This means disposing of used paint containers to cleaning areas that got exposed to unwanted paint. Our fence painting rates are one of the best in Edmonton.

A partner you can trust

You have spent a fortune to build that perfect home. Your backyard is an extension of your personality. Our contractors take this in mind whenever they are painting a new fence. They will consider your tastes and advice on corresponding colors. With some of the best fence painting tools, we have worked on various residential and commercial painting projects across Edmonton.

Getting the right fence painting prices is vital when you are painting a large fence. Our prices are unrivaled in Edmonton. By using the right tools, we are able to complete a project faster and at reduced prices. Whether you are painting a cedar fence or a metallic one, we have the right paint to meet all your needs.

Time to re-invent your backyard

Is your house congested and in need of extra living spaces? It is time you installed that outdoor deck you have always dreamed off. Besides, we will handle the painting for you. Our expert painters know how hard it is dealing with wood. We understand how moisture and termites cause havoc to wood products. That is why we come equipped to treat your wood, paint it, and give it a final nice polish. This ensures it lasts a lifetime. It also preserves the wood grain.

Soon the season will change and it will be time to usher in summer. This is the best time to relax on your porch as the cool breeze soothes your nerves while taking your favorite drink. We are here to turn your exterior dreams into reality. We have over the years worked on several residential and commercial painting projects in Edmonton.

If you plan to spend more time outdoors or just want to keep away the neighbor’s dog from chewing your garden plants, you need the best fence painters in Edmonton. Give us a call today for a free fence painting estimate.


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