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We have the right paints for your exterior stucco walls

Nothing beats stucco for your exterior walls. Stucco allows you to exercise a certain degree of unrivaled creativity with your wall colors. If you are in love with earthly tones then you are in the right place. Our Edmonton painters have amassed years of experience working with stucco and are here to offer a helping hand to your exterior walls.

The Edmonton Painting crew has the right paints for your stucco. We will first examine your stucco to establish the type of paint to use. Our stucco painting contractors will either paint your stucco with a semi or full elastomeric paint. This should protect your stucco from moisture exposure for many years to come. We guarantee you the results will be stunning and you should be inviting your neighbors over for backyard barbecues.

Re-invent your backyard with stucco painting

You have probably visited a neighbor and noticed that their exterior walls were exuding with brightness due to the materials used. If my guess is right you probably stared at stucco. Stucco or render is made from a mixture of water, a binder, and aggregates. During application, the material is wet but then hardens to form a durable material for your walls.

We have been successfully doing interior and exterior painting services in Edmonton for many years. Our expertise in stucco painting is expansive. We have the right tools and use high-quality paints during painting over stucco.

The increased preference by many homeowners for stucco is due to the multiple color options it allows. You can switch from earthy tones, colors that blend with your landscape or go for bright colors like orange. We will advise on the best options when we are painting your interior stucco walls. We study your tastes, furniture designs and preferences in choosing the right paint for your walls. In this regards, be assured we will not disappoint you.

What are the potential benefits of having stucco for my exterior walls?

Your exterior walls are under constant attack from various weather elements. Snow, moisture, and strong winds all work to weaken your walls. Stucco is a hardy material that offers resistance from all the above. It is durable, fire resistant, and low maintenance. After painting a stucco house exterior, we have noticed that it lasts for more than 10 years.


One of the key benefits of painting stucco walls is the added durability. The material when well painted lasts for years without the need for a repaint. This saves you money. Our painters have experimented with a wide range of paints on stucco. We outsource our paints from some of the top painting brands in the country. When compared to vinyl or wood, stucco outlasts them all.

Water resistance

Stucco when wet has a dull look. Rainfall can cause uneven tones on your stucco. During painting a stucco house we use water-resistant paints that protect your walls for years. Say goodbye to moldy walls with our residential painting services in Edmonton. Stucco has the ability to withstand extreme cold or hot weather conditions.

Low maintenance

Compared to other wall substances, stucco is low maintenance. Once we have done stucco repair and painting, you will notice that you do not need any more repairs for years to come. When it comes to home improvements repairs nothing beats stucco. However, you need to partner with the very best stucco painting company. You will not be disappointed with us in the driving seat.

High appraisal value

Building a home is a large investment that you need to protect. Having stucco on your walls not only keeps your neighbors coming over for birthday parties, but it has a positive effect on the house appraisal value. If you are in the rental market then be assured your profits will be bountiful.

Fire resistance

Polished wood always looks good on your walls. But, wood is susceptible to constant fires. This pushes you to pay higher insurance premiums. If you want something durable and that is fire resistant, go with stucco. The material is strong enough to withstand extreme weather elements and fires.

We are your partner of choice for stucco painting and repairs

When it comes to painting over stucco, then you need to identify the right painters. Any mistakes will result in uneven color tones on your walls. Stucco offers you color choices beyond your imagination. Our painters will be at hand for a free color consultation. We will take the time to prepare the site during painting. This means covering your plants, furniture, and floors. We take great precaution to ensure no unwanted paint splashes on the wrong areas.

We stand for professionalism, reliability, and excellence. Our exceptional services in fence painting, deck painting and drywall repair in Edmonton stand for itself. We also have the crew to handle small and large commercial painting projects in Edmonton.

We deliver what we promise

Are you tired of repainting your house every year while getting disappointed with the results? It is time you switched painters. What we promise is what we deliver. Our rates are one of the most affordable in Edmonton.  We work to ensure that your painting stucco cost is low. When you give us a call, we will carefully listen to your needs and come up with a feasible budget. Our team will then give you timelines to ensure you return to your normal lives as soon as possible. We will not leave your premises until you are 100% satisfied with our work. Our painters ensure they clean up after the painting.

Your search for the best painter in Edmonton has come to an end. We are your partner of choice. Our company has carefully vetted all our painters and you can trust them with your house. They are courteous and neat. We have a proven track record of offering superior painting results. We do not just paint houses but build relationships with our customers.

It is time you tried out stucco for your exterior walls. Give us a call for a free estimate.

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